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Your Strategic & Trusted Capital Partner

Ascendium Capital Partners


Ascendium Capital Partners was founded out of consistently underwhelming experiences in the private credit markets. The frustrations that arise out of dealing with players in this space was quickly noticed by us through our own time being long-term active investors in private credit and in more complex debt and equity structures. We therefore created Ascendium Capital Partners, where we now provide tailored advisory & capital solutions for businesses operating in the property development, resources, agricultural, and technology sectors.

Our team take pride in delivering high-quality services and therefore tend to only work on a maximum of 2-3 projects at any time, and often we will only work with one client. We do this with the intention of being able to become an external executive committee to your Company that can present alongside you as ‘internal’ rather than a firm you have engaged. Our network extends far beyond Australian shores, with family offices, investors, deal-makers and advisors in Singapore, UAE, London, Monaco and beyond.


At Ascendium Capital Partners, we are reputable for delivering fast, effective advice, and subsequent funding. For deals ranging up to $50m, we can turn facilities around as quickly as 72 hrs. For more complex scenarios, that require more than one component to create a capital stack, we assess the scenario and create the best possible mechanism to deliver the required funds. This may include debt, equity or quasi-equity - or in larger transactions, bonds, REITs, convertible notes or pre-listing equity. 

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